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Real estate prices in Coral Gables vary greatly depending on size, location and structure. This highly sophisticated, upscale community offers a wide range of housing options from grand estates and manors to luxurious townhouses and quaint condominiums. Townhouses and condominiums range in price from under $400,000 to $1 million and more for those possessing outstanding amenities, prime location to regional shopping centers or spectacular views. Single-family homes of all shapes and sizes range in price from around $500,000 to $10 million and up in neighborhoods such as Coral Gables Riviera, Coral Gables Country Club, South Gables, Cocoplum, Gables by the Sea and Gables Estates. There are plenty of properties with waterfront and/or golf course locations. Coral Gables prides itself as well on its wonderful historic properties with character and charm and its incredible trees and foliage. Numerous historic properties are available for sale as are lots for development.
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Coral Gables is among the most livable communities in the United States, providing residents and visitors first-rate municipal services in a culturally rich and diverse environment. Known for its quiet and safe residential neighborhoods, the ?City Beautiful? also has a thriving business sector and a vibrant downtown, making Coral Gables the perfect place to live, work and play. The area is also recognized as the fine dining capital of South Florida and has the highest concentration of live theater in all of Miami-Dade County. Nighttime entertainment, live music, casual and fine dining and new retail options dot the active city streets while residential communities remain protected from such commercial intrusion. The end result is low property taxes, a bustling nightlife and impressive living conditions for the approximately 45,000 inhabitants, residing within the city. The city and its elected officials seek to continually enhance community life, both on a citywide and neighborhood level. Ongoing goals include the creation and renovation of neighborhood parks, the enhancement of special events and the protection of essential neighborhood services. Such commitment to the residents of this area make living in Coral Gables and its upscale neighborhoods very attractive for prospective homebuyers. The area predominately consists of single-family homes with nearly 80% of them being owner occupied.

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